Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Benefit's having a "TN" ration card....

R u guys having a TamilNadu ration card?




Laptop Pentium 13 inch
Laptop Linux 15.4 inch
Gas cylinder
Grinder 1.5 litre
Grinder 2 litre
3cent land for poors
Green House for all poors
No Power cut
No Power cut
2 sets of uniform with shoes
4 sets of uniform with 2 sets of shoes
Rs. 2000 for all college students for books
Rs. 1000-5000 for students for books
Rice 1 Rs
First 20Kg Rice free
Free bus pass for students
Free bus pass for students and Senior citizen
Insurance for seniors and poors
Family insurance
Maternity leave 1 year
Maternity leave 6 months
Maternity bonus 6000
Maternity bonus 12000
Sugarcane per ton 3000
Sugarcane per ton 2500
Pondicherry infra will be changed like France
Pondicherry tourism will be enhanced with 2000Crores
1000 litres of pure water to each family every month
600 litres of pure water to each family every month
Mobile hospitals per every 4 street
Mobile hospitals per every 2 streets with a doctor and nurse
Marriage bonus 25000 with 6gram gold
Marriage bonus 25000 with 4gram gold
2 cows for poor family
A cow for all poor family

But we expect


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