Friday, November 6, 2009

Rambas BMW becomes the talk of the town

Ramba, the actress with thunder thighs is now a proud owner of a BMW latest model which is said to be a worth of Rs 1.53 crores.

The actress has gained this gift from one of her endorsement company owners and is said to be on cloud 9 these days.

With the international recognition gained by her from her latest release “Quickgun Murugan”, Ramba has gained limelight in the international arena. Magicwoods which is an international recognized home ware Canadian company, has signed her for a high quote and as a token of respect has presented her with a BMW car.

But south Indian cinema industry is buzzing with the news that Ramba has gained the gift from her secret boyfriend who is said to be a millionaire in Canada.

Is this true Ramba?


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