Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Asin’s strict decisions about glamour factors

South Indian actress Asin made it all happen with her overnight success in Bollywood with “Ghajini’. With her “London Dreams’ slated to hit the screens this weekend, the actress has got hold off some troubles that are popping up. Apparently, it’s all about the producers and filmmakers of Hindi film industry urging her to expose to glamorous shows and intimate sequences with her onscreen heroes.

Perhaps, the actress has been stuck to the rigid rules of not entertaining such factors from the moment she made high waves in South Indian Film Industry. According to the sources, Producer Vipul Shah of “London Dreams’ had insisted her to wear skimpy costumes, which perturbed her a lot… But then again, “a rule is a rule’ says Asin, who has been persistently refusing the big offers merely because of such unfavourable scenarios.

-Sampurn Media

Asin's strict decisions about glamour factors


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